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Beijing KMT was awarded as “Beijing High-tech Achievement Transformation Demonstration Enterprise”

Release Time:2015-06-01Publisher:Views:8975

On May 29, 2014,the awarding ceremony of high-tech achievement transformation project jointlylaunched by Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, BeijingMunicipal Commission of Development and Reform, Beijing Municipal Bureau ofFinance, Beijing Municipal Commission of Economy and Information Technology,and Zhongguancun Management Committee was held in Beijing. Beijing KMTTechnology Co., Ltd. was rated as category-I high-tech achievementtransformation project in Beijing and awarded as “Beijing High-tech AchievementTransformation Demonstration Enterprise”.

High-techachievement transformation project refers to subsequent transformation andindustrialization project of high-tech achievement generated through scientificresearch and technological development and of practical value. Only majorhigh-tech achievement transformation projects with domestic leading orinternational advanced technical level are adopted for project review. Besidesspecific regulations for the qualification of declaring enterprises, it is alsorequired that the technological transformation and industrialization shall fitthe industrial policies of the state and Beijing. Meanwhile, these enterprisesshall have certain competitiveness and market share in the domestic market;project review is classified into three types: Projects with especiallyoutstanding technical level, especially broad market prospect and especiallysignificant economic and social benefits can be rated as category-I projects;projects with outstanding technical level, broad market prospect andsignificant economic and social benefits can be rated as category-II projects;projects with relatively outstanding technical level, relatively broad marketprospect and relatively significant economic and social benefits can be ratedas category-III projects.

The successful obtaining ofsupport of “high-tech achievement transformation project” by the company wasalso an recognition of relevant competent departments for the phasedachievements obtained by the company in terms of achievement transformation.Meanwhile it helped the company to continuously improveproduction-university-research level and “technological incubation” capacity,thus creating favorable conditions for research& development andpopularization of more innovative technological achievements of the company.

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