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Beijing KMTTechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “BJKMT”) was registered andestablished in the core area of Zhongguancun Innovation Demonstration Zone in2005. We are a national high-tech enterprise focusing on new material field, themain business of which involves new high-polymers R&D, production, salesand tailor-made services. We have built a R&D team with multipleauthoritative experts from Chinese Academy of Sciences (many of them enjoy specialgovernment allowance from the State Council) as our coremembers. We are dedicated to the domestication of leading high-polymers.Also, we have independently established multiple core technical platforms involvingorganic silicon and epoxy resin.

We currently own6 product series and almost 100 product models. Also, we have formed multiplegroups of ongoing projects. The products involve multiple fields including LED,lithium battery, electronics, aerospace, and solar PV. In the field of LEDhigh-end and high IR organic silicon packaging material, we firstly brokethrough the technological monopoly of foreign giants and became the firstdomestic brand in China that could rival imported products. Currently, besidesmainstream packaging enterprises in Greater China Region, several internationalfamous enterprises start to become our customers in succession.

With high-speed growthtrend, active independent innovation capability and favorable developmentpotential, we were selected as “the Most Growing Enterprise of China LEDIndustry 2013” and “Haifan Enterprise 2014”. Also, we were listed in “ZhongguancunHigh-Growth TOP100 Enterprises 2014”. Furthermore, we have alreadysuccessfully completed A-round financing and acquired favor from domesticfamous investment funds. The next step is to develop ourselves as one of themost excellent manufacturers and suppliers in the domestic new materialindustry through IPO.

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