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Statement concerning the compamy being sued by Dow Corning for patent infringement

Release Time:2014-04-21Publisher:Views:3356

Dear customers:

As for the matter that Dow Corning (China) Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Dow Corning”) prosecuted that our patent, LED organic silicon packaging adhesive-KMT-1269, infringed its rights, our company hereby makes the following statements:

1. Beijing KMT Technology Co., Ltd. is a company respecting intellectual property rights and strictly following all the laws and regulations of China;

2. KMT-1269 is a product independently researched and developed by our company. The company will actively respond to the suit and safeguard our legitimate rights and interests;

3. This case hasn’t been heard yet and no court verdict and ruling are made yet. the current claim of Dow Corning to the public that our KMT-1269 product infringes its rights is lack of facts and legal basis and is suspected of misleading customers and engaging in unfair competition. We will reserve the right to hold Dow Corning legally liable for any behavior maliciously damaging the reputation of the company.

Hereby certify.

Beijing KMT Technology Co., Ltd.

April 20, 2014

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